Engine Builder: 
Engine size: 331 SBF
Block: FordRacing R302
Crank: Eagle 4340 Forged Steel
Rods: Eagle H-Beam 
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr.

ported by Proline
Intake Manifold: 
Transmission: PowerGlide

Differental: 8.8 Ford 
Power adder: Twin turbos

Frt Brakes: AreoSpace
Rear Brakes: AreoSpace
Front suspension: QA1 w/ coilovers

Rear suspension: Metco Uppers & Lowers
Front tires: M/T Front runners
Rear tires: 28X10.5X15 M/T Slicks
Best ET &MPH: coming soon

Weight w/ Driver: coming soon

Why and how??? 

Metal on drain plug forces Bryon to pull engine and have it looked at.  


Bryan Stokes