Green Machine REBIRTH!!!
Old wiring 
The car is going threw many areas of upgrades. 90%of the wiring will be replaced with new ideas and ways I have learned threw the past 8 years the car has been sitting.
New wiring
This is the new wiring panel I created for the Green Machine. This time around I want the interior to be very clean and stealth looking. This is where it will all start from. There will also be another panel similar to this that will be the nitrous system wiring panel.
Seat Install
In the past I have created a brackets that bolted to the seats, This time I decided to create the item into the seat. No point in adding more bolts and brackets. That just adds more weight.
Green Machine
Dash wiring completed
Making progress!!! MSD,tach and gauges are all rewired. Next I will drop the shifter in the floor and hook up the shifter cable.
CRE357 bullet is installed
The engine is the same 2 time Championship engine used in NMCA Street Radial. All though it has had a few changes in the valve train areas and the camshaft area. Big thanks goes out to Mark Chacon at Bullet camsfor his expertise and much help in this area. In the past the engine used a .548 lift Hyd. roller and is now going to be using a .700+ lift solid roller to put the extra power to the tires. 
UPR suspension updated
New UPR Products front suspension has been installed. The new front end traveler limiters also this time around have been installed. In the cars past front end limiters were never used. But with all the new advancements in drag racing they will be needed this time around.
The new rear upper and lower UPR Products control arms looks great and will work just as good as usual. Threw all the years of racing this car has raced. The UPR products parts have never gave us any problems. They are simply the best product out there.