Stock Ford  blocks and Dart blocks  Do Not use the same cam bearings. A stock Ford small block cam bearing journal is machined with the bearings being smaller to larger sizes on the outside diameter of the bearing.  Dart blocks have all the cam bearing journals machined the same size. The bearings are still maked from front to back but the differance is the thinkness of the bearing. Example The rear bearing in a Dart block is much thicker then a  rear bearing in a stock block.  Also Dart camshaft bearings have a groove all around the out side edge of the bearings with three oil feed holes. If the oil feed holes do not line up like stock ford bearings this is ok, as long as the groove still lines up with oil feed hole in engine block. Its best to line up the oil holes in all applications. Its good practace to line up all oil feed holes in every appliation. 

Installing camshaft bearings in a S/B Ford

The finish look of new installed cam bearings should look like this. These bearings are installed without scratches , dents or flaking.  
To install cam bearings you will need a installing tool like this one purchaced from SnapOn tools. The tool comes with all the items you need to install  cam bearings. Always keep track of the wear on the rubber sleeves. If they are damaged replace them so the bearings don't get damaged when installing.  
The camshaft bearings will be numbered. This is the same with all bearing manufactures and engine makes .  First check to make sure all the right bearings are in the box before starting. Lay them out on a bench and make sure there not damaged in anyway before getting started.  
Notice the 18-1 on this bearings out side edge. This bearing is going to install in the # 1 position.
To properly install the bearings the crankshaft will have to be removed from the engine block.
The oil feed hole or groove in in the cam bearing must line up with the oil feed hole shown hear in the crankshaft jounal. After the bearing is tapped into place check the line up of the two feed holes by looking through the hole in the crankshaft journal to the cam bearing oil feed hole.  This is very important. If the oil feed holes do not line up the camshaft bearings will not get oil.     
Here is a view of lining up before the install.  If you miss the line up by tapping the bearing in to far or just by not lining up properly from the start  its not a problem.  Tap the bearing through the journal and out the backside and start over. 
When tapping the bearing in, check it every few hits to see if the holes are lined up. Not every block is the same. The look from the outside edge may be differant. Always go by looking through the oil feed hole when tapping the bearings in. 
Here is a view of the camshaft bearing on the installer tool.  Some times the bearing may have tow holes in them. Make sure to line up both holes in the block. The result of doing this wrong will be engine failure. 
The final bearing for the engine will be on the outside edge of the block. Make sure the oil feed hole is lined up and also that the bearing is fully installed past the flat surface of the block  If this is not installed even to the block or below the block face, the camshaft block plate will not sit flat on block when the time comes to install  the camshaft.