Engine Builder: Unknown

Engine size: 306 SBF
Block: Stock
Crank: Stock
Rods: Stock
Pistons: SRP
Cylinder heads: Edelbrock Victor Jr.

Installed by CRE Performance

Headers: Kooks 

Exhaust: Custom 3" X-Pipe

CRE performance

Camshaft: Bullet Cams

Intake Manifold: Vortech igloo w/GT40 lower
Transmission: Freddy Brown AO3 
Differental: 8.8 Ford
Power adder: ProCharger D1SC

Front suspension: QA1/UPR
Rear suspension: Unknown type

Best ET &MPH: N/A


306 w/D1SC ProCharger
ProCharger D1SC 
ProCharger installed w/air to air intercooler
Project X rollbar install

Luis Esquivia's 89' GT

The Red Rocket

Hanging out at the local car show. Its the Red Rockets first night out.
Kerkley race seats are a great interior touch 
Yea that right I said it!!!!

The lable of confidence
CRE performance
When your ready to get serious!!!
Real eye catcher with the Vortech igloo sticking out of the hood.
FAST tuning live and on the street. Car has great drivability and makes enough power to break the stock block for sure.
Custom air intake pipe to pull fresh cool air from cowl.